Nothing says summer like ice cold beer, outdoor concerts, block parties and street food. Luckily for us, the Hester Street Fair has it all. Throw in some curated artisanal shopping to boot and you’ve got yourself a summer party. Hailing from New York City, HSF has expanded to the streets of LA, bringing with it some East Coast swag and shwag.

Featuring a seedy yet oh-so-lush beer garden, booming soundstage, grub-worthy food trucks and trendy jewels and threads, it was an awesome way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon that was almost as easy as Sunday morning. With that said, it looks like the East Coast just helped the West Coast be the Best Coast.

Dates are running through Summer so be sure to check it out and represent:

JULY 7th, 2pm – 10pm
Hollywood Night Market

AUGUST 18th, 11am – 7pm
Indie Craft Market

AUGUST 25th, 11am – 7pm
Goodnight Hollywood Blvd. Music Festival

Below are some pics from the shindig but the vendors that stood out to me most were:

  1. Janie XY – whose handmade stuffed toy foods and pets are so friggin adorable, they make you want to buy them as gifts but end up keeping them for yourself
  2. Fleet – an eclectic and crafty girlfriend duo sewing up some flirty dresses and chunky jewelry
  3. Frigate Ties – an ingenious, bright (both intellectually and color wise) and practical twist on ties that make you exclaim, “Why the hell didn’t I think of that?!”


Hester Street Fair_JanieXY

Hester Street Fair_JanieXY

Hester Street Fair_JanieXY

Hester Street Fair_JanieXY

Fleet Collection

Hester Street Fair_Fleet

Hester Street Fair_Fleet

Frigate Ties

Hester Street Fair_Frigate Ties

Hester Street Fair_Frigate Ties


Hester Street Fair_Anon-Y-Mouse


Hester Street Fair_Deuvo Pralines

Hester Street Fair_Deuvo Pralines

Hester Street Fair_Anderson Cooper

Hester Street Fair_Posters

Cake Bar

Hester Street Fair_Cake Bar

Hester Street Fair_Cake Bar

Hester Street Fair_Cake Bar

Heirloom LA Catering

Hester Street Fair_Heirloom Catering

Hester Street Fair_Heirloom Catering

Raggedy Threads

Hester Street Fair_Raggedy Threads

Ayara Thai Products

Hester Street Fair_Ayara

Hester Street Fair_Ayara

J.D. Luxe

Hester Street Fair_JD Luxe


Hester Street Fair_Baby Cakes

Cousins Maine Lobster

Hester Street Fair_Cousins Maine Lobster

Hester Street Fair

Location: Hollywood Blvd and Argyle Avenue.


The Sister Zone: Fig & Olive

by Mei on February 16, 2012

There’s this girl, I know. Her name is Julie. I call her Julie Bulie. Why? Because when you love someone, you can give them ridiculous nicknames that don’t really make any sense other than that it rhymes.

She’s surpassed best friend status and has found herself in the coveted and sometimes elusive “Sister Zone”. It’s a title that is rarely granted. But when it is, it is only granted upon you, once you’ve seen each other at your worst, as well as your best. Once you’ve lived together, made each other ugly-cry and still managed to love one another. Once you’ve cheered each other on and cheered each other up. Once you’ve prevented each other from making bad relationship, fashion, career and (insert noun here) decisions simply because their happiness is your happiness. And once you’ve celebrated each other’s successes, only to hold back each other’s hair after said night of excessive celebration. These friendships are hard to come by but when they do, they’re forever cherished.

Crostini Tasting: Manchego, Fig, Marcona Almond; Copa, Goat Cheese, Honey, Almond; Salmon, Ricotta, Citrus, Cilantro

So needless to say, when it comes time for our biannual catch up sessions, I get giddy and can’t wait to see her. And often times, I can’t wait to see what restaurant she chooses to serve as the backdrop for us to air the accomplishments and grievances of our theatrical lives, as she never fails to choose one that is the perfect representation of our friendship: refreshing, open-aired, and ever-evolving yet constant. And once again, she did not fail to deliver when she chose Fig & Olive on Melrose.

It’s a beautiful open space with dramatic presentation that still manages to maintain the air of California clean. Smoke, without the mirrors, is used to brilliantly flavor their Rosemary Lamp Chops but the star of that show was the Roasted Honey Eggplant accoutrement. Their Beef Carpaccio with 18 year old balsamic vinegar is something to be, nothing less, than revered, while their wall of olive oils is as impressive as it is diverse. And finally, their Dessert “Crostini” with Amarena cherries, mascarpone cheese and crushed pistachios on homemade shortbread ultimately coerced Julie, the chocoholic, to abandon her Chocolate Pot de Crème ship and find refuge on my dessert plate.

Needless to say, the meal was delightful but what made it even better was definitely the company. And like family, although we don’t see each other nearly enough, when we do, it means a lot. So as far as I’m concerned, Fig & Olive has earned itself a new nickname and will forever be known, in my book, as Mei & Julie. Because a sister who feeds, is a sister indeed.

Sea Scallops & Truffle Artichoke Tapenade: Seared sea scallops, truffle artichoke, arugula pine nuts with aged balsamic & white truffle olive oil

Beef Carpaccio: filet mignon, 18 year old balsamic vinegar, baby arugula, tomato, parmesan truffle olive oil

Penne Funghi Tartufo: cremini mushroom, black trumpet, parmesan, parsley, scallion & white truffle olive oil

Rosemary Lamb Chops: grilled lamb chops smoked a la minute with a bouquet of Herbs de Provence goat cheese & chive gnocchi, roasted honey eggplant & rosemary garlic olive oil

Dessert “Crostini”: Amarena cherry, mascarpone, pistachio on shortbread with micro-basil

Chocolate Pot de Crème: crunchy praline financiers & vanilla cream

Manchego, Fig, Marcona Almond Crostini

Copa, Goat Cheese, Honey, Almond Crostini

Salmon, Ricotta, Citrus, Cilantro Crostini

Thanks for treating, Julie Bulie!

Fig & Olive
8490 Melrose Place
West Hollywood, CA 90069
310 360 9100


Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish: Milk

October 31, 2011

In a fast paced city like LA, the years go by fast and the days go by even faster. So much so, that it gets to a point where your thoughts and memories begin to blur and bleed into one another. In a fast paced city like LA, we’re quick to grow [...]

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Success is Sweet: Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival

October 24, 2011

There’s something about the west that compels people to leave loved ones, forsake all reason, throw caution to the wind and relinquish all claims to a sense of security in exchange for the small chance of achieving something bigger and possibly, a lot brighter. Behind every miner who searched for gold, [...]

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Peace. Love. Malibu. Kristy’s Wood Oven + Wine Bar

October 10, 2011

There is definitely something to be said about what crisp California ocean breeze does to a person after excessive exposure to the world of the virtually mundane. (ie: newsfeeds of other people’s babies, beers and bridal showers, videos of mindless stunts that effortlessly manage to stunt your own mental growth, and [...]

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A Little Bit of Venice in Venice Beach: Piccolo

October 6, 2011

Having studied abroad in Italy during an era that only existed in, what feels like a Diane Lane movie, I came back to the States on the eternal pursuit to find, not just delicious Italian food but authentic Italian food. The kind that is so incomprehensibly magnifico that at first whiff, it takes [...]

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The New Melrose Place: Hatfield’s

July 13, 2011

Open aired and glamorously understated, Hatfield’s Restaurant manages to be posh and elegant without the uncomfortable, over-the-top pretentiousness that often time accompanies cuisine of its caliber. With an open kitchen and a functional art display of a modern industrial honeycomb light installation serving as dual focal points, Hatfield’s perfectly orchestrated ecosystem [...]

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Sherri Baby: I’m glad you packed well

May 10, 2011

A friend of mine passed away recently. It was in her sleep. Sudden. Unexpected. She was but a few weeks shy of her twenty ninth birthday.
A life lost too soon? Yes.
A life wasted? No.
You see, she was a funny and loyal one, Sherri was. It wasn’t uncommon to find her playing guitar dressed up as [...]

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Downtown Los Angeles: Artisanal LA

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Los Angeles is, without a doubt, one of those cities where there is always something going on, no matter how peculiar your interests are. Whether it be wearing Wolverine or Chewbaca costumes when it’s not Halloween at Comic Con, getting dolled up and dirty for Roller Derby, or getting festive at Midget [...]

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Chez Moi: Prosciutto Wrapped Nectarines, Homemade Pizza & Tiramisu

November 19, 2010

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