Chez Moi: Prosciutto Wrapped Nectarines, Homemade Pizza & Tiramisu

by Mei on November 19, 2010

I never get sick of trying new foods and restaurants. Aside from the obvious, there isn’t much else that tops my list of favorite things to do. I love everything about going out for a meal. I love the excitement of seeking out new spots and the eagerness of going to old favorites. I love the diverse dining atmospheres and décor that change from café to bistro, trattoria to cantina. I love the smells that waft out of the kitchen and follow the waiters as they pass through the double swinging doors and sashay their way down the foodie catwalk. I love devouring the tantalizing descriptions and details of each item on the menu, only to anticipate the arrival of my chosen one once I’d overcome my indecisiveness. I love the no frills, “what can I get ya?” kind of service just as much as I do the sophisticated airs of politeness that you get from your garcon. I love the bridging of cultures and the authenticity of sharing an intimate meal with a friend in a room full of strangers. And the food…you can’t forget about the food. One bite, or lack thereof, could make or break your day. All in all, I am truly fascinated by the entire production of a meal, from start to finish.

But every now and again, it’s really nice and comforting to come home and have some quality time with your produce, get back in touch with your steak, roll up your sleeves and just get your hands dirty.  Kneading the dough, slicing the mushrooms, grating the cheese, warming the sauce, preheating the oven, brewing the espresso, running the mixer. There is a type of catharsis that occurs when you prepare your own meals and actively involve yourself in its creation. You get into this indescribable “yes, I can” mode that can only be compared to what I get when I achieve runner’s high; where everything around you starts to become muted and the only things that are present are you, the potato, and the task at hand. It sounds funny but I reach ultimate relaxation and stress relief when my Kitchenaid stand mixer is on and I’m whipping up cake batter and fluffing up meringue. The feeling I get when I miraculously convert viscous egg whites to heaping mounds of sugary clouds is absolutely priceless, and for those of you on a budget, much more affordable than going to therapy or Burke Williams. When life gets too busy, cooking and baking are how I center myself and get back in touch with the simple things in life that truly matter to me; the things that make me happy.

So for all you folks out there who are hungry, not just for food, but for some good old peace of mind as well, go online or grab a cookbook and try a recipe that suits your fancy and your palate. Take a moment for yourself and make something that you love: Food. Believe me, it’ll make your next dinner at Bazaar, ironically, taste that much better when you can appreciate how much goes into making…well, a home made meal.

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